car amplifiers

Car Amplifiers

HiFi, Premium & High End Car Amplifiers and Boosters

Car audio amplifiers are complex products and are a core part of Infotainment systems.

ASK offers amplifiers for HiFi, Premium and High-End system.

ASK car audio amplifiers meet all car manufacturers and brand partners' requirements: superior audio performances, outstanding robust power supplies and extensive diagnostic features. Thus, ASK car amplifiers guarantee clear and precise sound reproduction, using state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to implement audio algorithms harmoniously.

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Active Sound Management

ASK has developed a range of customized active sound management solutions in order to meet the acoustic challenges of modern automotive technologies and to sustainably, enrich and improve your driving experience. ASK's ACTIVE SOUND MANAGEMENT (ASM) solutions provide all the algorithms that effectively reduce targeted background noise or generate sound.

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ASM includes:


Interior Engine Sound Generation

In order to provide a variety of sounds, ASK has developed several new technologies to synthesize, shape and distribute sound inside the vehicle, including:

iESS –Interior Engine Sound Synthesis
iESE – Interior Engine Sound Enhancement
SENSE – Smart Driving

Exterior Engine Sound Generation

Engine-noise-free driving makes driving less stressful; moreover, it is safer. ASK solutions significantly enhance the safety of modern electric and hybrid cars with tailor-made driving modes and brand-specific sounds for any car, complying with all legal safety regulations.

eESS –Exterior Engine Sound Synthesis
eESE – Exterior Engine Sound Enhancement
AVAS – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

Active Noise Control

Noise has a strong impact on your driving experiences. Although the use of acoustic materials and improved aerodynamics improve your driving experiences, ASK has developed specific technologies to further reduce annoying noise in your car for a more pleasant in-cabin environment, improving the on-board comfort and driver’s concentration.

RNC –Road Noise Cancellation
EOC – Engine Order Cancellation
ENC – Engine Noise Cancellation

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