"A crucial step on our journey towards a greener future.

I would like to share with you our commitment to sustainability and our plans to build a more sustainable future.

We have a responsibility to minimize our environmental impact, to preserve natural resources and to yield positive social results for the communities in which we operate.

In this regard, we have been taking ambitious steps aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, at increasing the use of renewable energy and at developing sustainable practices along our entire supply chain. Furthermore, we are investing in recent technologies and innovations that are going to help us achieving these goals more efficiently and effectively.

Sustainability is a mindset, it is a way to do business that values long term thinking, transparency, and cooperation.

For this reason, we are committed to fully involve our stakeholders, from clients to workers, from suppliers to regulators, to ensure that our efforts towards sustainability align with their needs and priorities.

Environment, vision, research and innovation: our sustainability report, that we have adopted, describes a year of transformation and evolution of a Group that, in the pursuit and improvement of their activities, has a role as industry leader every day.


Alberto Bianchi
Chief Executive Officer at ASK

Discover ASK's Sustainability Report 2022.

This report covers 70% of our factories demonstrating our tangible commitment to transparency and responsiblity.

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