Custom assembly processes,
craftsmanship and advanced automation

Our strength is the ability to create custom assembly processes that combine craftsmanship and advanced automation guaranteed by partner selection; partners that distinguish themselves with their innovation. ASK’s production processes are the fruit of our creative engineering, supported by a longstanding group of reliable partners that work near our locations. This collaboration guarantees constantly innovating technology.

Our processes not only produce a perfect synergy between humans and machines, simplifying our assembly phases and consistent quality, they satisfy rigorous requirement in the automotive sector of zero defects.

Every phase of assembly is subject to systematic inspections, while methods, developed and honed over time, reduce accidental risks to a minimum.

The guarantee of quality is assured by efficient testing.

  • These processes can come at a single workplace or in multiple phases distributed throughout many locations.

  • Our constant search for perfection is guided by the drive to reach quality excellence.

  • Our assembly lines are subject to continuous improvement.Engineering creates and designs new assembly methods coming from company best-practices.

Attention to quality and efficiency drives us. We are ready to take new routes in the automobile industry and embrace them in striving for excellence and innovation.

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