We base our mission on guaranteeing a safe and sustainable work environment.

We dedicate human, material and economic resources to constantly improve the health and safety of our personnel.

Our Commitment is clear:

Every ASK location respects the international laws in force regarding safety at work and adheres to international standards, such as ISO45001.

From the product creation phase to the implementation phase, safety is our constant priority. ASK is commited to ensuring that:

  • all company activities are managed with the objective of preventing accidents, injuries and illness and constantly improving performance in health and safety;
  • our work environment, operational methods and organizational aspects are managed in order to safeguard employee and visitor health and safety of company and community assets where ASK works;
  • the machines and equipment we use conform to the laws and norms in force and are inspected and maintained periodically and systematically.

All ASK people share the responsibility of prevention, contributing to the creation of an ever safer work environment.

  • all employees are trained, informed and made aware of the risks in the company, operational activities, the responsibilities connected to their jobs and the duty to verify and monitor activities in the company;
  • the entire company contributes to reaching safety objectives.

We believe that a better quality of life and world are possible when people safety and safeguarding your work environment is at the center of every decision. We are ready to share this journey.

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