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Ever since our foundation, ASK has always guaranteed the best automotive experience possible.

This mission is the sum of our daily commitment and a creative squad, where the fusion of experience of transmitting sound and connectivity has always been a guarantee of innovation and technology.

Devoted to this philosophy, ASK has engineered and developed the most advanced solutions for automobile atmospheres: audio systems and innovative connectivity and the highest quality standards with a product range that includes speakers, subwoofers and audio amplifiers, as well as the most evolved connectivity systems (antennas and cables).

All our product lines - audio systems, antennas and cables - are engineered to satisfy the growing needs of the leading automobile manufacturers worldwide: from base systems to systems for the most demanding customers.

Experience and know-how renowned throughout the world.

We have experience and know-how renowned throughout the world, thanks to our personnel’s profound experience, exclusive patents, partnership with prestigious universities and international research centers and using the best material available.

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