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Car Antennas

Car Antennas solutions and connections

ASK engineers antenna-systems for autos that provide connectivity inside and outside the vehicle.

Our antenna-systems ensure reception of broadcast signals: analog and digital radio, digital television and satellite radio. Moreover, telematic functions such as Global Positioning System (GPS), telephone and internet connections are implemented through antennas.

Antenna-systems connect vehicles to other vehicles and vehicles to infrastructure, which is the base of enhanced driving functions and for various levels of autonomous driving.

Our car antennas cover all frequencies and functions with various product-types:

mast antennas
shark-fin antennas
integrated antennas hidden in the car

Our specific know-how and expertise in radio-frequency engineering and our long-standing experience with applications for auto manufactures allow us to offer solutions that respect stringent requirements as well as innovative features and technologies.


ASK vehicle antennas cover all applications and frequencies to connect autos:

  • broadcasting radio terrestrial (analog/digital AM/FM and DAB) and satellitar (SDARS)
  • digital television (DVBT)
  • satellite navigation (GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System)
  • telecommunications (telephony /internet 4G-LTE and 5G, Wi-Fi, remote keyless entry)

We produce many kinds of antennas: internal antennas, roof mast and shark-fin antennas and integrated antennas with radiating elements in windows or plastic parts. Our ability and experience are recognized by our customers; we collaborate with them to define and improve our products.

Our antennas are part of car design and their resistance to severe weather has been validated by stringent reliability test, referring to one of the most challenging environment for electronics in terms of temperatures, EMI/EMC and reliability.

We engineer both radiating elements and electronic amplifiers with the assistance of state-of–the-art simulation equipment.
We test our antennas stand-alone, in shielded and anechoic chambers. Then, they are run off in the target vehicle outdoors.
Finally, we test them on the road.

Our antennas integrate many radiating elements and amplifiers in a small space, maintaining the decoupling necessary to ensure interoperability between antennas.

We reach the required performance thanks to our innovative technical solutions, engineered with consultants and research centers, presented to our customers and developed with them.

Antennas Product Line

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