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Car Cables

Car Cables for connectivity

At ASK, we take pride in providing car cables that are highly reliable, safe, and long-lasting. Thanks to our deep market and product knowledge we can offer a wide range of solutions to connect electronic infotainment units with antennas, cameras, screens and other sensors.
We are committed to provide reliable car cables that perform flawlessly, even in the most demanding applications.

Our cables are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards according to our customer’s specific requirements, ensuring that they meet the strictest quality specifications. Our engineers’ ability and promptness and our prototype lines’ flexibility are appreciated by our customers during the cable system development phase.

All our production facilities employ highly automated crimping processes monitored by cameras.
Our production facilities in China, Tunisia and Brazil, and soon also in Mexico, allow us to serve our customers all around the world.


ASK produces car cables for three kinds of applications in the automotive field:

  • Coax-cables for radiofrequency connections: radio and TV broadcasting, navigation, telephones and cameras
  • Multi-wire cables for microphone, USB, AUX and High-Speed Data connections for connections of personal electronic devices and video units in vehicles
  • Ethernet multi-wires cables for the connections of vehicle network

We purchase components for our products, such as connectors and raw cables, from respected world manufacturers; otherwise, we develop them in collaboration with our partners for specific applications, such as water-proof connectors or connectors for passive antennas, or for standard applications, such as ASK raw cables.

We also produce complete wire harnesses with parts like clips and tape that can be used directly on cars assembly lines.

We pledge an excellent quality level at 0 km by using selected components and strictly controlling assembly processes.

Our manual and automatic production lines are compliant with all automotive standards, fulfill international quality requirements and are certified by our customers; our processes are standardized for all our production facilities.

Our specific Radio Frequency engineering know-how, along with measuring and testing equipment, allows us to develop innovative technologies that we propose to our customers after stringent validation.

The employment of innovative patented solutions, such as Copper Clad Aluminum, significantly reduces the weight of our cables and the environmental impact of vehicles with them.

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