car audio systems

Car Audio Systems

OEM Car Audio Systems Supplier

ASK is a System Supplier for car audio, developing DSP amplifiers, speakers and boxes, ranging from HiFi to High End audio systems.

The features provided by ASK DSP algorithms enhance your driving experience with Clear Sound, VIP, Stage Plus, Precision Bass, Personal Scope, Ambience 4D Immersive Sound and other innovative technical solutions.

ASK, as system engineer and developer, supports car manufacturers and brand partners in defining audio system concepts and offers sound tuning, manufacturing and delivery.

ASK works in collaboration with Brand Partners

User brand experience
Interior & visual design guidelines
Sound philosophy & brand tuning

ASK works in collaboration with OEM

System Specifications
System Integration
Interior Design

A brief history of ASK car audio systems

ASK ’s philosophy has always been to engineer every product to match the acoustic expectations of each customer.
Since entering in the automotive market in the ’80s, increasingly pressing customer needs in regards to environmental issues and reliability have surfaced. ASK has successfully tackled these new challenges and enriched their know-how, keeping the original creed unchanged.

Continuous refinement of production processes, ranging from simulation to measurements to listening verifications, and sharing information and samples since the earliest design phase with OEMs and Audio Brands, has allowed ASK to reach the best performances and decrease the development time for each product.

The increased efficiency and strong know-how allow ASK to cover all the necessities of in-car audio reproduction, from stereo systems to the most sophisticated top-end sound systems.

New functionalities, such as 3D sound, Individual Listening Zones and 4D sound with vibration in the seats, external sound generators and emergency call speakers have been integrated for the ultimate in-vehicle audio experience.

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