Audio Systems

The quality of our sound system depends not only on its technical features and on the choice of tools, but on our experience and knowledge acquired in the last two decades with learning and practice.

Our strength is an excellent teamwork involving sound engineers, loudspeaker designers and audio amplifier experts.

So we're able to work not only on the individual components, but also on the entire system landscape.

Furthermore, from early stages of planning, we engage with automakers to improve our system architecture and our performances and thus obtain an excellence of audio.

We employ X-AQT – Extended Acoustic Quality Test to measure our results.

This is a technique introduced by Italo Adami and Fabio Liberatore in the 90s based on the original Matt method, developed by Art Noxon a few years earlier.

Our X-AQT tool measures and visualizes the dynamic frequency response of vehicle acoustics as perceived by human ears; measures the dynamic interference of various loudspeakers in different places, considering the most diverse environmental conditions in car; enables the control of phase of signals, so as to refine the sound staging and speech intelligibility.