ASK celebrates International Women's Day


ASK celebrates International Women's Day, honoring the pivotal role that women play in our company in driving innovation, fostering diversity, and making ASK a better place to work, where every woman has the opportunity to thrive, lead, and make a difference.

We care about women around the world and agree to offer equal opportunities to all our employees globally, recognizing the social, economic, and cultural contributions of women in the workplace.

“Rather than talk about women's power in isolation, I just feel that everyone, male and female, should find a niche in the workplace and in their lives.”
ASK Ningbo HR department Liu Junmei

“Live in the present, cherish the present, keep a calm heart, to feel and experience the beauty of life, to meet the challenges of the future! 
ASK Chongqin Administrative department  Zhang Lu

“I hope that I, and all my female friends, can be happy with ourselves and live in the present moment, and that we can always maintain the curiosity and courage to explore the unknown! ”
ASK Ningbo Quality department Jin Keyan

“No matter how old you are, please keep the passion and desire to flourish again and being barren”
ASK Ningbo Sales department Wang Tingting

On this special occasion, we interviewed 10 female representatives of ASK China to understand what women in the workplace value.

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