Facts and Figures

ASK Group is a multinational company with facilities in Europe (Italy, Germany, Poland), Asia (China), USA, South America (Brazil) and North Africa (Tunisia), thereby covering all areas in the world related to the automotive industry.


In the same way, both our technology development centers and our customer support offices are located in all main areas: Reggio Emilia, Ancona as well as Niederwinkling for Europe, Ningbo for Asia, Detroit for USA and Sete Lagoas for South America.

All productive sites are certified according to the quality relevant standards.


ASK products are Loudspeakers, Audio Amplifiers, Antennas and Cables which can be found in many car models available on the market.


Around 3.800 employees are working for ASK Group worldwide. A considerable percentage of them are dedicated to Research and Development functions.


The annual turnover currently has arrived at approximately 240 million euro and we are expecting a further high growth rate in the years to come.