Miracle Mohmi Project


This video was made by the Cluster Marche Foundation as part of the activities of the MIRACLE project, co-financed by the Marche Region. The video shows the results of the research conducted together with DIISM - UNIVPM | Department of Information Engineering UNIVPM.

The aim of the project is to create an advanced multimedia system, capable of monitoring and interacting with the user and the surrounding environment. In this context, the researchers of the information engineering department have created an advanced monitoring and interaction system within the Car environment, based on Machine listening algorithms. Machine listening algorithms were developed by the Polytechnic University of Marche and were then tested on devices developed by ASK.

The system developed for the Momi project is mainly focused on road safety. A series of internal and external microphones have been installed on the vehicle capable of picking up sound events such as, for example, the arrival of an emergency vehicle with sirens blaring. Video cameras have also been installed inside to monitor the driver's attention.

If he/she does not notice the danger, the car will react with an appropriate sound warning. This study will have an impact from a socio-economic point of view because it will lead to the creation of increasingly safe means of transport, also in the future perspective of self-driving cars. This project is the first step towards the development of increasingly intelligent and safe cars.

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